2014 MCAL League Welcome and Overview

Welcome to the Morris County Athletic League!

An adult basketball league consisting of competitive teams, playing for FUN, while competing for a league title. Teams may have as few as 8 players on your roster and as many as 18. Two referees will officiate each game, with their decision being final. Games will continue for a min. of 10 weeks with a semi-final and a final to be held at the end of regulation play. Awards (Trophies) for all first and second place finishers will be provided! LEAGUE ENTRANCE FEE IS $675, which covers gym time, league costs, scorekeeper and LIABILITY INSURANCE coverage only, plus  a Refundable Forfeit Bond of $70. Referee fees, $35 per team per game, be will collected prior to the start of each game. Want to play with us or have a question? Email Ron@morriscountyathleticleague.com or call 973-462-6010!


Fall Season 2014 ..Week 2 Results..Every Game Down to the Buzzer!
Every Game, every opportunity. The games are all the same. The game comes down to the last few possessions before a winner emerges. Tonight was no exception as 4 of the six games went down to a final touch..a final possesion. Chip's Boys look like the team to beat as they bested a very strong Pick One team by one. Steve's Team and Certified are still undefeated, but have not looked great in thier wins. Time will tell. There is plenty of basketball as 8 more regular season weeks, then playoffs! It will be a great Fall! See everyone on Monday for Week 3!
The Following Teams make up our Division:
Purple Mafia (soon to change name)
Pick One
Team Klitch
Sovereign Consulting
Steve's Team (soon to be named)
Mon Stars
Netcong's Finest
Chip's Team  (soon to be named)
Ron Dahlhaus
Ron Dahlhaus
Morris County Athletic League

Summer 2014 Champions..Purple Mafia and Hot Shots!
The MCAL has been around for a long time now. Our Championship Games are usually well played and tight. Tonights 2014 Summer Sesaon Championships were no different a we now have two new Champions! The early game, the "B" Division, had the one seed, Purple Mafia, play host to the two seed, Pick One. The scoring was very light as tight defense and player tightness, cause turnovers, unforced errors and many missed shots from bot sides. The halftime score was just 21-19 in favor of Pick One. Back and forth, as niether team took a large lead. As the game went on, it was just 30 - 30 with just 8 minutes to play. That's when things got interesting. Purple Mafia's Jamir and Matt, both scored big baskets as Pick One's Brian kept Pick One in the game. Back and forth..and at the end of regulation, we were tied..so on to overtime. In overtime, Purple Mafia took control and in the end, they captured thier first MCAL Title!
The A Divison was a bit different. A fantastic game or much of the first half, as Lee Turner's Team and Defending Summer Season Champion, Hot Shots stayed close throughout the half. Hot Shots Barry and Antwan, kept Hot Shots moving strong. At the end of the first half, it was Hot Shots with a 6 point lead, 37 - 31. The second half was the demise for Lee's Team as the younger, more athletic Hot Shots began to run the scoe up as they took a 20 point lead with 12 minutes still to play in the first half. It did not get much better for Lee's team, as Hot Shots won..and big..82 - 55 for thier second title in as many years! Congrats to all teams!
Playoff Schedule:
Wednesday, August 20th:
Old Gym
"B" Division
7:30pm...Purple Mafia (1st seed) 25  vs Steve's Team (4th Seed) 0
8:30pm...Pick One (2nd Seed) 61 vs Team Klitch (3rd Seed) 49
New Gym
"A" Division
7:30pm...Justified (1st seed) 53 vs Lee Turner's Team (4th Seed) 54
8:30pm...The Grasshopper (2nd Seed) 59 vs Hot Shots (3rd Seed) 83
Championship Games, Monday, August 25th
Old Gym
7:30pm..."B" Division Championship 
Purple Mafia 51 v Pick One 46
8:30pm..."A" Division Championship
Hot Shots 82 v Lee Turner's Team 55

Morris County Athletic League Finally Joins Facebook!
We did it. With the urging of many at our Spring Season Championship Games, the Morris County Athletic League joined Facebook as we have our initial pages up with pictures and talk about our games, our league and community involvement! Take a look..Like Us..Comment..Post! It's ready to go:

The Area's Best Competition Plays Here!
Room For 12 Teams!
Adult Basketball
at the Parsippany PAL
10 Game Season
Register for our Fall Season!.....Come join us for our 25th Season of Competitive Basketball as the Morris County Athletic League hosts our Summer Season at the Parsippany PAL Building! Two Divisions, "A", and "B",  levels of competition! Two beautiful refinished courts with scoreboards, scorekeepers and a very well run league as we play a 10 game schedule beginning Wednesday September 3, 2014. Regular Season Games will conclude November 3, with the Championships being played on November 10th! All regular season games..except Opening Night, September 3 (Wednesday play) will be played on Monday evenings! We have room for 12 teams and we always sell out...so reserve your spot today!
Team League Fees are $675 entrance fee plus $35 per game for referees (each game). A $70 forfeit bond is required, but refunded at season's end. We provide Trophies for all first and second place finishers, plus a team trophy for the Champion. Interested?? Reserve your spot today.
Ron Dahlhaus
Ron Dahlhaus
Morris County Athletic League

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